4BL with their homework on war time.





4BL had a special guest called Andy Tooze, he came to recite some of his poems and also did a workshop with our class. We had to write poems about body parts and we only had 8 minutes to write them. We all had the opportunity to share them with the class. Andy chose 3 poems to sharm in the whole school assembly.



This years theme for Children in Need was ‘are you famous?’. Please see below photos of some children from 4BL in their costumes. George as Kevin McCallister (Home Alone), Lucy as Jayne Torval, Mia as Jacqueline Wilson, Lucas as Dan TDM, Charlie as Lional Messi and Neve as Queen Elizabeth.




4BL had a fantastic time in their final Forest session this term toasting marshmallows on a fire.






4BL enjoyed finding places in the forest today to hide their bird cake they made last week. They also made magic potions and spiders’ webs.





In Geography we have been studying the work of Jeanie Baker’s ‘Window’. This is a collage in her style of what we think the school grounds may look like in the future.

4BL have enjoyed following instructions to make bird cakes to put in the forest.




4BL have enjoyed storytelling in the forest today. They made their own woodland characters and then created and told stories about them.



Today 4BL have learnt how to tie a clove hitch knot and make a tripod. They then made shelters for the ‘Minpins’, who now because there are no Grunchers (their traps caught them all!) want to live on the ground, not in the trees. We also discussed the best place to make a shelter in a forest for us and why it should not be under a tree. We looked at the wind direction too and how to face the entrance away from the wind.




After looking at Roald Dahl’s ‘Billy and the Minpins’ book, 4BL made a Minpin tree where the tiny forest people live. They then made traps and defence systems to help the Minpins stay safe from the Red-Hot-Smoke-Belching-Gruncher, who grunches everything in the forest!