As part of their Science work on rocks, 4CW enjoyed their trip to The Secret Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. They had fun making and eating: sedimentary sandwiches, metamorphic rock and igneous pancakes! In the afternoon they went on a GPS trail to find rock examples in the meadow.





After helping collect and sort the fire wood, 4CW enjoyed toasting marshmallows (and then placing them between biscuits with chocolate buttons!) on the fire in their last visit to the Forest this term.



4CW had a fantastic time identifying minibeasts in the forest and then viewing some in a magnifer. We were really careful about how we collected them and made sure we returned them safely to their correct habitat. We even found a frog and a toad hiding under the logs!






During 4CW’s work on instructions they have been learning how to make cheese, sultana or olive bread rolls. They have also enjoyed eating the end product!




4CW have recently learnt how to tie a clove hitch knot and make a tripod and then make their tripod into a tepee for an animal home.






After a very wet start to the morning, 4CW really enjoyed being Egyptian scribes in the forest. They mixed their own ‘ink’ using water and other natural materials (usually mud!) and then practised their hieroglyphics.




4CW thoroughly enjoyed their Easter forest session. They had an Easter egg hunt, Picture hunt, an egg box scavenger hunt and also made Easter eggs using natural materials. Thank you to FOSLS for their generous donation of Easter eggs for all the children.






4CW have been writing non-chronological reports about dinosaurs for a younger audience. They went to 1/2AS to share their work with them.






4CW have recently visited the Bridgnorth Endowed School for an art session on mixing colours and painting an aerial view.




On Monday 20th March 2017, 4CW had their Easter Craft Afternoon with Parents and Grandparents. Please see below photographs taken from the afternoon –







4cw-poem-2   4cw-poem-3

4cw-poem-5   4cw-poem-1

4cw-poem-1   4cw-poem-6

Children in class 4CW made figures telling part of the Christmas Story for the St Mary’s Church Christmas Tree Festival. They went to the Church to put their figures on display and to see more of what the festival was about. Please see below some pictures taken from the day.

christmas-at-st-marys-4cw-1   christmas-at-st-marys-4cw