5AR have held their own general election –



5AR have recently discussed the Manchester attack in class, for this they all decided to write prayers/poems and messages for all those involved. The class lit some candles and thought about the family and friends of all the victims –

The Manchester poem, written by Seb and Cara.

Our hearts go out to all, 

even though it makes us bawl.

But we will unite together, 

and we’ll stay close for ever.

Our thoughts go out to them,

who lost their families at half past 10.

It was such a dreadful sight, 

it gave us quite a fright.

To see such shocking pictures, 

their lives they had to fight. 


5AR have recently wrote poems for their ‘Once Upon A Dream’ competition, they were all superb! Please see below photo of Cara and Sebastian who impressed Mrs Ferriday with their entries –

5AR enjoying their Easter Egg hunt around our Forest School –



5AR enjoying World Book Day and dressing up as their favourite book characters –

5AR and RCOL enjoying reading time together –

5ar-rcol-reading-1  5ar-rcol-reading-4


5AR enjoying their D&T day at BES where we got to make space buggies by drilling, sawing, soldering and gluing –

5ar-dt-trip-1   5ar-dt-trip-2

5ar-dt-trip-3   5ar-dt-trip-4

Please see below photo of Emma with her solar system which she made at home with her family which is now on display in Mr Archers’ classroom –


5AR enjoying their weekly walk with RCOL –

5ar-winter-walk-1  5ar-winter-walk-2


5AR feeling very festive whilst making Mince Pies!

5ar-mince-pie-4  5ar-mince-pie-2

5ar-mince-pie-5   5ar-mince-pie-3


Please see below a collection of lines 5AR wrote about King Herod –

Roman ruler,
Silent weeper,
Anxious sleeper,
Baby annihilation,
Throne holder,
Dream stopper,
Crown holder,
Soul taker,
Dream crusher,
Baby killer,
Throne keeper,
Harsh ruler,
Cruel murderer,
Life stopper,
Funeral maker,
Heart drainer,
Baby snatcher.
5AR Experimenting with Coke and Mentos –

5ar-mento-and-coke-2   5ar-mento-and-coke

5AR enjoying their Craft Afternoon with Parents. 

5ar-craft-afternoon-5   5ar-craft-afternoon-4

5ar-craft-afternoon-1   5ar-craft-afternoon-2

5ar-craft-afternoon   5ar-craft-afternoon-3


Class 5AR – 5AR have planted over 100 new trees in our Forest School, courtesy of the Woodlands Trust. Please see below, pupils hard at work.

forest-school-ar-4   forest-school-ar-3

forest-school-ar-2   forest-school-ar-1

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