Sinfonia Orchestra

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the Bridgnorth Sinfonia orchestra.

World Book Day

5EV enjoyed their silent readathon and they also went to share their favourite books with the reception children.





Oldbury Wells Art Workshop

Year 5 enjoyed their visit to Oldbury Wells School where they started making 3D fish.






Drumming Workshop

5EV enjoyed their drumming workshops, learning to play bhangra music.




5EV enjoying their weekly ukuele lesson.




Great Wave

5EV have been creating their own ‘Great Wave’ pictures in the style of the Japanese Artist Hokusai.



5EV have been measuring and sawing wood as part of their D&T work to make a pencil pot.



5EV Christmas Craft

5EV enjoying their Christmas Craft afternoon with Parents and Grandparents.








5EV Reading Riddle Treasure Hunt

5EV enjoyed a Forest School Reading Riddle Treasure Hunt.




5EV Halloween Instructions

In English 5EV have been looking at instructions. They have followed Halloween craft instructions, evaluated them and then improved them!




5EV Castle Park Trip

5EV went to Castle Park to read their War poems around the war memorial.




5EV Science

5EV have been exploring dissolving in their Science work.



5EV Class Assembly

5EV have been practising their class assembly on the theme of ‘Trust’. They have thought about what trust is, performed plays  and song a song about trust.




5EV French

5EV enjoyed their French lesson from Oldbury Wells teacher – Mrs Forward.The learnt about transport and through role-play, games and songs children learnt how to say and write how they travelled to school.



5EV Science

5EV enjoyed investigating electrical conductors in their Science work.