Some of 5EV braved the heat and walked around Bridgnorth to complete the ‘Catch-Me-Who-Can’ Art Trail which will begin in the Summer holidays. The children are going to complete a Maths Trail which can be completed as people go around the Art’s Trail.
5EV had a fantastic WW2 themed day at Attingham Park. We dressed as evacuees and role-played being evacuated to Attingham. We took part in lots of activities such as: an air raid drill, a make do and mend session (making a rag rug), rationing activity and weighing out a weekly ration of sweets, tasting Woolton pie, cracking a code, searching for a package left by a spy and also taking part in a billeting activity. It made us all feel really lucky when we got back to school, that we never had to experience these things for real!
Year 5 enjoyed their puzzle solving work at Oldbury Wells. They made Escher style tessellation pictures and also were forensic scientists trying to solve a crime!
Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Year 5 children from Birchills School. They all took part in a scavenger hunt and then all the children helped create a forest of friends using clay and natural materials.
We enjoyed our ocean themed dressing up for World Ocean Day.
5EV enjoyed toasting marshmallows in their final Forest School session.
5EV enjoyed making their own shelters in the forest.
5EV have been studying WW1 war poetry, so in Forest School today they used charcoal and mud to create war pictures and write poetry.
5EV enjoyed making nests for some eggs in Forest School this week linked to their work in Science. They learnt that the platypus is a mammal even though it lays eggs!
In Forest School 5EV enjoyed making pictures of flowers and labeling the different parts e.g. petals, stigma, anther and filament.
5EV have been enjoying the sunny weather in the forest this week and as part of their Science work have been sketching signs of new life:  leaf and flower buds and shoots.
5EV have been learning about the different parts of a plant in their Science work. They dissected tulip and cherry blossom flowers to find the different parts.
5EV had a great time taking part in an Easter picture hunt and searching for eggs in Forest School.
5EV enjoyed their Shakespeare theatre performance today, performed by Hobgoblin Theatre Company. They learnt lots about the life and times of William Shakespeare as well as the different plays he wrote.
5EV visited Oldbury Wells School to learn about volcanoes. We went inside a dome and learnt lots of interesting information about them.
5EV enjoyed taking part in I’m an Engineer get me out of here! The also enjoyed taking part in a live chat with one of the engineers and then voted for which engineer was their favourite.
5EV enjoyed making Easter crafts with their parents and grandparents at craft afternoon.
5EV enjoyed performing their class assembly on the theme ‘Service’.
5EV enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day 2018.
Year 5 have visited Birchill’s School in Walsall. The children enjoyed making new friends and also visiting the local mosque. We are looking forward to when Birchills visit us in the Summer Term.
5EV have been working on instructions in their English work. They decided to write instructions for a Valentines’s maths game aimed at Reception and Year 1 children. They then went over to see R/1CW and spent time playing the game with the younger children. They also followed instructions to make a Valentine card. It was a lovely morning and enjoyed by all!
Everyone had a lovely afternoon making some Christmas crafts. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to the parents to lunch and craft afternoon.
5EV have had a great time participating in ‘I’m a Scientist get me out of here!’. They were able to find out about the lives of 5 scientists and then to take part in a live online chat with some of these scientists. Children were then able to vote for the scientist’s work which they felt would be the most beneficial to our lives. It was a tough decision but Senga won (she takes DNA out of bacteria and uses it to help plants grow well!). She has even got people at the White House to make fake poo and is sending us the recipe.
FOSLS very kindly awarded £100 towards new books in our classroom. 5EV have really enjoyed reading their new books which include: Alex Rider books, Harry Potter, Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Faraway Tree collection, A Michael Morpurgo collection and Roald Dahl selection- something for everyone to enjoy! Thank you FOSLS!
5EV have been looking at instruction texts. They followed the instructions of different Halloween crafts and evaluated how good the instructions were.
5EV had a visit from author Gemma Brown today. She shared The Marvellous Marathon Dragon with the class and they then created a persuasive poster for Drago Puffer’s next marathon.


5EV having been looking at how light is reflected. They have enjoyed making and trying out periscopes.




5EV enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters for Roald Dahl day. They also enjoyed watching a live webcast about Roald Dahl in which Quentin Blake, the illustrator of Roald Dahl’s books showed them how to draw a character. Please see below photos from the day.