5ST have recently been involved in ‘I’m A Scientist Get Me Out Of Here’, as you can see from below photographs the children were able to have a live chat with Scientists –



5ST carrying out the NSPCC obstacle course on a lovely sunny day –



5ST doing a coding lesson on the computers –



5ST enjoying a fun Maths lesson –



5ST have recently taken part in an E-Safety workshop, the children really enjoyed this –


5ST have recently been on a D&T workshop at the Bridgnorth Endowed School where they made moon buggies, please see photos below of some of the children’s designs –

5st-buggies-11   5st-buggies-9

5st-buggies-7   5st-buggies-5

5st-buggies-4    5st-buggies-2

5ST had their Craft Afternoon with Parents on Wednesday 23rd November, the children and their Parents made tree decorations as seen below.


Class 5ST – Coding with Scratch on the laptops

5st-coding-with-scratch   5st-coding-with-scratch-4

5st-coding-with-scratch-3   5st-coding-with-scratch-2

Class 5ST – ‘I’m A Scientist Get Me Out Of Here’

5st-im-a-scientist-1   5st-im-a-scientist-2

5st-im-a-scientist-3   5st-im-a-scientist-4

Class 5ST – Enjoying the Viking Workshop and Having A Fun Maths Lesson

5st-maths-5       5st-maths-4

5st-maths-3       5st-maths-2