1. Geography in the news-

Huge wildfires have ripped through moorland close to Manchester as temperatures in the UK hit 30C. Nearly a hundred firefighters as well as soldiers had to battle flames raging across 6 kilometers of Saddleworth Moor.

The fires first broke out on Sunday 24th June and were initially put out, however the warm and dry conditions meant they re-ignited on Monday 25th June and rapidly spread. Huge plumes of grey smoke billowed into the sky across Greater Manchester and smoke could be smelt 30 miles away. It could even be viewed from space! Hundreds of homes were evacuated and thousands of people were warned to keep doors and windows closed.

  1. Weird, wild and wonderful weather!

Severn Trent Water asked residents in Much Wenlock to shower instead of taking a bath after it had three days of water supply problems. The increased demand (watering gardens, filling paddling pools, drinking, bathing) caused by the warm weather has caused problems to both water supply and pressure. In Much Wenlock, Telford and Bridgnorth bottles of water were being handed out to those affected.

  1. Fun facts- Did you know?

Staff at Colwyn Bay Mountain Zoo, in Wales made special lollies for the animals to help them keep cool in the recent heatwave. Many of the animals in the zoo are usually found in warmer climates, however ones at the zoo have been born in the UK and Europe so are not used to the current high temperatures. Chimpanzees were made special fruit ice lollies and sea lions were given frozen fish ones!

  1. Geography genius quiz questions.


  1. Which country is hosting the 2018 Football World Cup?
  2. There are 12 venues for the matches. Can you name 3?
  3. Can you name 3 ways to save water and help with water shortages caused by the current heatwave?


ANSWERS IN BY Friday 13th July- Please hand in to 5EV

Winner announced in assembly: Monday 16th July