Philosophy Questions for 2017

January – What is peace?

February – What do animals think of humans?

March – What is luck?

April – Do wishes come true?

May – What will happen in the future?

June – What do you need to be happy?

July – Would you rather be a Bee or a Chicken?

August – Is it ever ok to steal?

September – If you had a different name would you be a different person?

October – Do we have to be sad sometimes to be happy at other times?

Philosophy Questions for 2016

January – Is it better to live in a rainforest or a city?

February – Should scientists make robots that may end up being more clever than us? (Lonya)

March – Which are more important, humans or bees?

April – What is a hero?

May – Is a whale more important than a snail?

June – Is it good to be competitive?

July – What is infinity?

August (School Holiday)

September – Can kindness change the world?

October – Is it easier to love or be loved?

November – Do only humans feel emotions?

December – What is better, being poor with family or rich and alone?